Introduction: DJI Mavic Air Quick Start

Welcome to my quick start guide for the awesome DJI Mavic Air! The Mavic Air is a very advanced drone with gesture control, auto follow and so on. However, for a complete novice, it's kind of complicated at the beginning. This guide should provide you with some help. If you consider buying a Mavic Air you can get it for example here or here. Enjoy!

Step 1: Unfolding

Before take off you need to prepare your Mavic Air:

  1. Start with the rear arms. Unfold them downwards.
  2. Then unfold front arms forwards.
  3. Unfold the front landing gears. This is important as they house the antennas!
  4. Before flying you will need to remove the gimbal protector. You can do it now or just right before taking off. But don't forget it since otherwise your videos and photos will be useless!

Step 2: Charging

Use the provided charger to fully charge the intelligent flight battery and your remote controller. You need to do this as the battery of the DJI Mavic Air is in Hibernation mode before shipment to ensure safety.

  • First remove the battery from your Mavic Air. This simple, there are 2 sliders on each side.
  • Connect it as shown in the video.
  • Fully charging takes around 1 hour.

The charger also hosts a USB port. It's for the remote controller which needs to be charged too before using it for the first time.

  • On the left hand side there is the slot for charging. Open it.
  • Use the provided USB cable for charging.
  • It takes up to 2.5 hours to fully charge the remote controller.

Step 3: Preparing the Remote Controller

  1. Download the DJI app on your mobile/tablet. It's available at the play store for Android phones as well as for iPhones and Ipads in an OSX version.
  2. Unfold the antennas and oben the clamps at the bottom of the remote controller.
  3. Screw the control sticks into place.
  4. Choose the right cable to connect to your mobile. There is a USB mini, USB C and Lightning (Apple) adapter available.
  5. Place the cable you need for your mobile in the slot on the side of the remote controller and plug it in.
  6. Attach your mobile within the clamps.
  7. Choose Mavic Air and wired connection in the app. Follow the instructions.

Step 4: Maiden Flight

After all these efforts you are ready to fly. One hint: To turn both the drone and the remote controller on/off you need to short press and then press and hold for a few seconds the respective buttons. I hope you liked this short starter guide. Have fun and stay save!