Introduction: DODO Case Build Night

We made the DODOcase VR and noticed that it could be better, and with common materials, we made it great!:

  • added popsicle sticks to the sides to make it hands free
  • added popsicle sticks to the sides so you phone wouldn't fall out of the case
  • added Sugru around the nose area to make it more comfortable and then added glue to areas to add support.

The popsicle sticks on the sides saved our phone, if we tilted too much when in the VR game, the popsicle sticks on the sides act as glasses - so that you can be fully immersed in your 3D game, and the Sugru added grip and comfortability.

Step 1: Hands - Free VR

We added a few popsicle sticks on the edge of the case, to act as glasses frames.

We added one large popsicle stick to each side, as well as a small popsicle stick underneath it, to widen the angle of the glasses, then added a few smaller ones onto the end to wrap around the ears, so it sits down on your head, just like normal glasses, without using your hands.

Step 2: Sugru Grip

From the last build night, we got a pack of Sugru and added it to the bottom part of the VR Case. One of the main problems with the case is that it would have too much pressure against our nose, and it wouldn't be comfortable for more than ~5 minutes.

We formed a small piece of Sugru and put it on the front of the cardboard, then waited 24 hours for the Sugru to cure. Now, the VR case is more comfortable, and has a better grip so that it is easier for hands-free VR.

Step 3: Prevent Your Phone From Falling Out of the Case

Another problem with the VR case is the your phone could fall out of the side. So we decided to added two popsicle sticks to the side of the case so that your phone would stay nice and snug inside the case.

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