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Introduction: DODOcase VR Kit Strap

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Well finishing up my first Build Night Instructables series, we added a strap to VR headset.

This was the simplest mods of all but was really grateful completing it because all of the participants in the Build Night were able of making the kit and of modifying it on there own way, even people left the kit as is to appreciate raw cardboard.

So I hoped you liked the series check the other parts.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

For the materials and tools on this Ible you will need:

- DODOcase VR kit (assembled).

- Elastic strap. (We used black because it matches the Fun Foam mod, has to be in the desired length).

- Cutting tool (Started with the box cutter, but the x-acto knife works best).

- Stapler (An alternative could be a glue gun).

- Rubber Band.

- Pair of Paper Clips.

- Pen.

Step 2: Slots

This step and nearly all the Instructable is really simple.

Using the width of your elastic strap measure it and mark it on your headsdset using your pen, we eyeballed the distance it had to be from the side of the headset to make it kinda the same.

Now cut your slots with your cutting device, we found the x-acto knife was best and it gave use the opportunity to fiddle with the blade to make slots wider and make the elastic fit through them.

Step 3: Inserting Strap

This is the "tricky" part, in was the funnest of all also.

During our Build Night we started thinking of a way to make the strap go through the slots and I remembered a method that my grandpa taught me to fit shoe laces without the top part through the shoe hole (New Hack) it was using a rubber band and it is really simple, what you have to do is fit the rubber band through your slot, fit the strap through one of your rubber band loops and pull. We used a couple rubbers band due to some that snapped to I do recommend to have some more because it is really handy. Writing this step was somewhat hard but I think that with the pictures you will understand thoroughly.

Step 4: Adjusting

Now using your paper clips, clip both of your strap sides and put your headset on and fiddle with it until the desired tightness has been achieved, this can bee your final step if you are not the only person who is going to use the headset because you can leave it adjustable for use on other heads.

Step 5: Stapling & Done!

Now if you decided to use the kit alone you just staple to your desired length and you are done, you can also use hot glue to glue your strap pieces together, I hope that you liked this Instructable series and as always leave a comment, favorite and follow. All feedback is welcomed and read.

Have fun with your kit!


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