Introduction: DOODLING 4 DUMMIES: MegaMan

Materials Needed; Pencil, Eraser, Black Marker/Pen

*= Lightly draw whatever follows. This is intended to making future erasing easier and your final project more beautiful.

Step 1: STEP:1

Step 1: *Draw a circle in the upper center of the page. Then *draw a tear drop a little bigger than the circle, underneath that circle. It needs to be drawn horizontally with the smaller point to the left and the bigger bulb to the right. (e.g: See picture)

Step 2: STEP:2

Step 2: *Draw a ring at the end of the bulbous part of the tear drop. Use the curve of the tear drop to make your ring. (e.g: See picture)

Step 3: STEP:3

Step 3: (e.g: See picture) Sorry I usually can find some way to describe what to do but the best explanation I came up with is “on your circle draw a capital ‘M’, half finished, rounded at the top, and on the sides draw trapezoids”… yea see picture. (Note: This is his helmet)

Step 4: STEP:4

Step 4:  *Draw a block form of a “!” in the center of his helmet. Then *draw a “V” under the circle were the top of the “V” is touching the bottom of the circle, and the bottom of the “V” is touching the tear drop. (e.g: See Picture)

Step 5: STEP:5

Step 5: *Draw and upside down “L” connecting the left point of the “V” with the point of the tear drop. (e.g: See picture)

Step 6: STEP:6

Step 6: *Draw an oval through the middle of the ring. Then the bottom of the tear drop *draw 4 vertical ovals and one horizontal oval. The horizontal should be the to the left of the other 4 and all ovals should be touching. (e.g: See picture)

Step 7: STEP:7

Step 7: *Draw a face. (e.g: See picture) (Note: See my other Instructable. Doodle 4 Dummies: FACE)

Step 8: STEP:8

Step 8: Use your marker to trace your finished shape. Then erase all existing pencil lines on the paper.

Step 9: STEP:9

Step 9: Bask in your artistic glory.

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