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The other day I was messing around with my Canon 5D Mark 1, and I stumbled across a weird way to trigger the shutter and focus on my camera, using merely the camera and a male to male audio jack. Further testing led me to believe anything conductive works, as I actually used a pair of keys to trigger it!

Below you'll find a quick step to step on how to trigger your camera with your keys!

Step 1: Materials

Materials you will need are:

1) DSLR - I used a Canon 5D Mark 1 with the old intervalometer connected on the side. I do not know what other cameras would have the capabilities to do this but I will research soon.

2) Metal object - Something that is at least 2-6mm wide and conducts electricity. I used a key, and a 2.5mm audio jack (found on earplugs).

Step 2: Explore Your Camera

Now you need to find the part on your camera where an intervalometer would connect. For me, it was on the left side of the body of my DSLR, with a little logo of a controller and cord. Inside it there should be 3 little pins poking out of a hole.

*I do know that lots of modern cameras have an 2.5mm port the same as an audio jack. To view an Instructable that has a remote trigger like mine, for those cameras go HERE*

Step 3: 3 Little Pins

Now, the three little pins have different uses. Because of this I named them 2, 6, and 10, in the positions of numbers on a clock. I do not know anything from research, but through experimentation I know that:

If 2 and 10 are both in contact with conducted, nothing happens.

If 2 and 6 are in contact, a photo will be taken.

If 6 and 10 are in contact, camera will focus.

Step 4: Take Photos!

Use this new strategy of taking photos for new angles, and innovate this idea into your own new and improved method of triggering a camera!

Thanks for reading this Instructable. It's my first one and I would love feedback.

Feel free to use this however you want, as long as there is no forgery.

Thanks, Cal_W

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