Daft Punk Shoes!



Introduction: Daft Punk Shoes!

These are custom hand painted Daft Punk shoes with a classic black and white color scheme.

To do this the following materials will be required:

1. Black Paint (acrylic works best, you can buy this at Michaels for $1)
2. White Vans (Walmart for about $9)
3. A bag of cheap paint brushes (can be purchased at walmart for about $2)
4.Sharpie Pens (fine point)
5. Arylic Paint  Sealer - Michaels $5
6. Mechanical Pencil/ Pencil 
7. Eraser
8. Tape Measure

Step 1. Sketch the design and the daft punk logo lightly with a pencil (That way if you mess up you can easily erase it with an eraser.)
Word of caution, do not apply continous pressure on the same spot (especially on canvas shoes) because it can ruin the material. 

Step 2. Go over the outline now with the sharpie

Step 3. Use the tape measure to create 1 inch marks all around the shoe creating a checkered pattern. (Depending on the shoe size you may have to adjust this number) Most importantly make sure the pattern continously alternates evenly and ends evenly: black, white, black, white..etc. Use a pecil first to sketch the pattern then go back over it with sharpie when finished. 

Step 4. Now take a paint brush and begin to paint inside the areas that require color including the bottom alternating pattern.

Step 5. Spray the Acrylci matter finish sealer all over the design to prevent color fading :D

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