Introduction: Daisy Flower Headband

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How to make Daisy Flower Headband. There no need to sew anything here. I using glue I made this project.

Making this project what you need:

1) Felt

2) Elastic ribbon

3) Glue

Step 1: Making Yellow Flower

For making this yellow flower, first I cut the felt 2.5x9 inch.

Then I fold the felt in the horizontal direction and with glue I secured the both edges.

Then I cut the felt as shown in the picture.Then I rolled it and last with glue need to secured the edge.Please see the picture.

Step 2: Making Daisy Flower

For making daisy flower I cut The yellow felt 1/2 x5 inch and the white felt cut 1.5x7 inch.

Then cut the white felt every 1 cm like in the picture.Then I cut the edges round shape. Then the yellow felt rolled it tightly and secured the edge with glue.Then the yellow rolled felt stick with glue onto the white felt as shown in the picture. Then wrap yellow felt with the white felt and secured the edge with glue.

Step 3: Making Pink Asarina Vine Flower

It's very easy.Cut the felt as shown in the image and both edge secured with glue and flower is ready.

Step 4: Making Headband

Now measure your head and cut the elastic ribbon. Then both edges stick with glue as shown in the picture.

Then take the small strip of felt and decorate with all the flower stick with glue as you can see in the pic.

At last that flowers strip need to stick with glue onto the headband. And flower headband is ready.

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