Introduction: Dapper Dino Accessories

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Here, you have everything you need to make your dinosaur (or other similar-sized creature) look dapper and fancy! Don't have a dino? You can purchase one at . To make this project, you'll need a printer, scissors, glue, and anything you'd like to decorate the accessories with (markers, glue, etc).

Step 1: Download, Print, and Color

Begin by downloading and printing the file called 'sirlociraptor'. This one-page sheet contains the components you need to make a top hat, bowtie, monocle, and mustache... so that you can have a very dapper dinosaur (or other creature that you want to look fancy)!

If you want to color the pieces, do so now! (If you're coloring the accessories black, remember that this may make it difficult to see where to fold later)

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces

Carefully cut out the pieces on the sheet you printed out. Cut only on the thick black lines.

Step 3: Fold the Bowtie

Make the bowtie by folding back and forth, accordion-style along the dashed lines. Put glue on the hatched sections, and then wrap the 'tail' around the midsection of the bowtie. Add glue on the end of the 'tail' to secure it, and then flare out the edges of the bowtie by gently pulling on the corners.

Step 4: Make the Hat

Apply glue along the long edge of the hat (where the hatch lines are). Fold along the dashed lines, bringing the triangles in to the center and the rectangles out to the sides, like shown. Apply glue to the underside of the hat top and hat brim, and carefully attach these to the main part of the hat.

Step 5: Final Details and Adhesion

If you haven't already colored your creation, you may want to do so carefully now. Lastly, attach the accessories to your dinosaur (or other creature) using craft or hot glue. If you plan on swapping these accessories out with other ones at some point in time, the craft glue might be a better option, as it is less permanent. Now you have a very dapper dino indeed!