Introduction: Datsun 240Z Painting.

The dimension: Width 50 x Length 70 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will paint Datsun 240Z by using acrylic paint. It’s fun to do and relaxing. Let’s start.

Supplies that you need to do Shelby painting’s project.

1. Canvas any size (I use 50x 70 centimeters.)

2. Arcylic paints, pencil, color pencils, carbon paper.

Step 1: Trace the Car, Transfer to Canvas.

First, I look for the picture or drawing of the Datsun 240Z, and Z logo. Next I begin to draw red line on the picture and trace line on to the tracing paper. Red line will see better, when I trace. Trace the car and Z logo. Then I enlarged the car and Z logo and transfer to the canvas by using carbon paper. Make sure that the proportion is right to the canvas. Next the negative space on canvas is too much. So I design to add the rising sun in the background. Now it is perfect. Then I test out the color by zerox the car and Z logo, so I will use for the colors: the sun’s ray is red, between the red is blue, car is light green, ground is gray, and Z logo is copper.

Step 2: Paint the Basic Colors.

Now I begin to paint red on the sun’ s ray by fading from red to light red and do the opposite for the blue that in between and for the blue and paint fading opposite direction. Then paint the car light green, when I paint light green, I will leave some light and dark area. (I will finish at the end) and this way I allow the paint to dry. Next, I paint gray for the ground at the bottom and do fading out to the edge of the canvas.

Step 3: Paint the Details.

Then, I start to paint in the detail of the car such as: front grill, bumper, wheel fender, tires, wheels (use copper color), the interior of the car, and Z logo (use copper and black out line.) The detail process, I repaint many times and each time I add darker shade of the colors in all areas of the car and Z logo. Every times I repaint, I need to stand back and look at the painting. Most of the time when I paint, I just focus in one area. The Datsun 240z paint can be hung in any rooms. It will make the room look better.

Thank You

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