Introduction: Day Lightweight Golf Bag

This bag is perfect for a trip to driving range and does not take up plenty space.

Step 1: What You Need.

1. PVC 110mm pipe 800mm long
2. PVC 110mm end cap
3. 1000mm strap rope
4. 2 small brackets same width as strap.
5. 4 of 4.8mm pop rivets
6. 4 of M5 washers
7. Simple steel drawer handle.

Step 2: Prepping for Rope

First start by bending brackets and washers slightly to follow curve of pipe. I used 2 pairs of pliers to do this.
Then mark positions on pipe to drill holes. I marked my first bracket 50mm from top and second 250 from bottom.
Drill holes with 5mm drill bit.

Step 3: Fitting Rope

Make a small fold at end of rope then place bracket on folded side.
Use narrow end of pop rivet to poke a hole in rope to allow big end of pop rivet through.
Fit this now to holes you have drilled in previous step.
For look wise I suggest start with top with rope pointing away from bottom, so that when you fold rope down for bottom it hides away bracket.
Use washers you bent on inside of pipe to secure pop rivet to pipe before you squeeze it.
Repeat for other side.

Step 4: Finishing

Fit the drawer handle in desired position. I used same drill bit as pop rivets to make holes. Then a short stubby screw driver from inside to fasten in place.
Glue end cap on bottom side.
Now you are done and can enjoy