Dazzling Stars Display (better Viewed by Eyes Than Camera)

Introduction: Dazzling Stars Display (better Viewed by Eyes Than Camera)

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This is a simple experiment that uses the bending of light to create rainbow colored stars.

These pictures aren't that great because my camera does not do well in low light, but when seen by the eyes it is amazing!

Step 1: You Will Need:

A paper cup with small holes in the top (poked with a pin)

A magnifying lens (3x power)

A bright led. I used 100 lumens.

Poking the holes can be tiring and endless, so you might need a cinnamon bun to eat!

Step 2: Project the Stars

Place the cup directly over the light (as shown in step 2)

then take it to a dark room and point it towards the wall.

Focus the stars by moving it closer or further from the wall, once they become clear take the magnifying lens

and place it over the holes. This will make it look like fireworks. Move the lens closer to the wall the make the fireworks explode!

Have fun with it!

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