Introduction: De-winterizing a Mastercraft Boat

Time to finally de-winterize the mastercraft ski boat


supplies needed for this project include channel lock pliers, Allen keys. flat head screwdriver, and a pry bar

Step 1: Engine Hood

Lift the cowing hood up. With the flat head screwdriver pry the metal clip at the top of the shocks head up until it pops off the tab. Gently lay the cowling all the way back once both clips have been removed.

Step 2: Engine Temperature Sensor

Screw in the temperature sensor on the bottom right side of the engine until hand right then gently snug up the sensor using a pair of channel lock pliers. Plug in the wire harness for the temperature sensor.

Step 3: Water Lines

Reattach the water hose one the back of the engine block.

Step 4: Battery

Charge the battery with a battery charger until the charge says complete.

Step 5: Belt

Reinstall the serpentine belt onto the pulleys. Once the belt is on use the pry bar to tighten the belt, while holding tension on the belt use a Allen key to tighten the bracket for the alternator.

Step 6: Impeller

Start by unbolting the the impeller screws. Remove the cover and the gasket. Pull the impeller straight out.

To install the new impeller spin the impeller clockwise while pushing the impeller straight in. Replace the gasket with a new one and replace the impeller cover installing the brass screws without stripping them.

Step 7: Trailer

Hook the trailer up to the tow vehicle making sure to plug in the trailer light plug and hooking the run away cables up.

Step 8: Boat Ramp

Take the boat to the boat ramp. Unhook the boat from the trailer Winch. Install the drain plug in the bottom of the boat. Have someone get in the boat Back the boat into the water with someone in the boat. Start the boat and drive it around, watch the gauges to make sure it is not overheating. Look for any leaks in the engine compartment of the boat.