Death of Rats

Introduction: Death of Rats

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I have wanted to make a Death of rats fr a while but it wast until I saw the decoration that I was able to


Halloween rat

Black materials and basic sewing supplies

Clippers and file


Black paint

Gold paint

Stud earring

Step 1: Getting the Rat

Finding the base toy was more luck than anything else. I found it in B&M (Discount / random type store) in the run up to Halloween . He sits about 30 from floor to top of his head and weirdly has bone ears( Anatomy not apparently an issue) ? At first I though "Cute" then I though " I can make my own Death of rats and my weekend was filled with its execution .


Tail rotates

Head rotates on top of spine

Lower jaw hinges

Similar ones I can find online

Step 2: Giving Death Some Dignity

First of all he needs robes which I found plans for here

Its a fairly simple pattern and I used an old Black pillow case for the material and hand sewed the basic shape.

Obvious Note : You have to scale the plans to your Rat using your common sense / what looks right

Once it was then on him it was given more shape by pinning and sewing to give it more shape. This is easier to do once its over the body as there is not enough articulation to get the robes on after taking them in,

Next the Cape and Caplet

Step 3: Caplet and Body Mods

Again following the instructions for the below

Once this was made I tried to fit it and came up with an issue that I had over looked . His ears , the Capeletjust did not sit right and after some pinning and attempting to fix I decided the ears must go .

Also to justify this I looked up images of DOR and found that the Pail Kidby ones were sans ears which eased the discomfort

20 min later with clippers and a file the ears were gone and the Capelet were sitting allot better

Step 4: Something's Missing

At this point I was pretty happy but thought something was missing .....

I realised he needed an Omega pin to show he was the end for rats ( and to keep his robes on )

The backing is from a cheap pair of stud earring with butterfly clasp so it does work as a brooch

I then rolled out some Flimo about 2mm thick and used my smallest cookie cutter to cut out a range of small circles. The raised edge and Omega are made by rolling out flimo , gently laying in the right shape on top of the discs and pressing gently enough for them to stick but not distort, Once baked then were then painted black , details gold and the best one stuck onto the earing stud

Step 5: I Now Have My Own Grim Squeaker

He trned out pretty well but there are more things I would Like to add but unsure if this would be gilding the lilly


Hourglass with blue light

Leds in eyes

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