Decluttering Kindergarten Class Worksheets

Introduction: Decluttering Kindergarten Class Worksheets

How to declutter and organize kindergarten class worksheets.


Big empty cardboard box.
Post it note box.
Pouches or file folders.

Step 1: ​Collecting the Worksheets

Once the kids return from school, collect all the papers inside a big box. Use an empty big cardboard box for this.

Keep collecting and storing all the worksheets like science, art, maths, tracing, reading sheets, cards, treasures, collectables for 5 days starting from Monday to Friday in the empty box .

Step 2: Creating Labels

Create different labels based on different categories like Maths, Science, Art, Treasure and Cards, Reading and Tracing, Sight Words.

Step 3: Gathering Zip Pouches

Gather different zip pouches from home or buy plastic clear folders and files with clear inserts to arrange the sheets and stick the labels on the pouches and files.

Step 4: Sorting the Worksheets

On a weekend, separate all the sheets based on the categories like Maths, Science, Art, Treasure and Cards, Reading and Tracing, Sight Words separately

Step 5: Put the Worksheets.

Put the different piles in their respective pouches. Like the maths piles in maths labelled pouch and so on. For the sight words use a file and insert the sheets in clear file inserts so the kids can read it when required. Place the treasure and cards also in it's labelled pouch. This will help kids enjoy and appreciate their treasures during holidays.

Step 6: Routine.

Make a routine to collect every day and sort on every weekend to declutter the worksheets and have less mess. This routine will help to declutter the worksheets year around easily and help kids easily access their work .

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