Introduction: Decorated Christmas Cookies: Christmas Trees

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These Christmas trees will look pretty on any cookie platter and are a breeze to make!

Step 1: Supplies

  • Cookies made from your favorite sugar cookie recipe
  • Christmas tree cookie cutter
  • Royal icing in green and gold, 12-count consistency
  • Gold sparkling sugar
  • Confetti sprinkles
  • Icing bags or bottles, couplers, and a #2 or #3 piping tip
  • Toothpicks
  • Pair of tweezers (clean, used for food only)

Step 2:

After you have baked your sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas trees and let them cool completely, begin decorating by outlining the edge of a cookie with your green royal icing. Then, immediately flood the entire center area with the icing. Run a toothpick through the icing if you need to push it around on the surface of cookie or if you need to pop any bubbles. Gently shake the cookie to help smooth out the icing.

While the icing it still wet, use a pair of (clean, used for food only) tweezers to place confetti sprinkles on your Christmas tree cookie. Set the cookie aside to dry completely, preferably overnight.

When your green icing has dried completely, draw garland on your Christmas tree cookie with gold royal icing. While the icing is still wet, cover it with gold sparkling sugar. Let the icing dry for just a few minutes. Then, turn the cookie vertical and shake off any excess sprinkles. If you perform this step over a coffee filter, it is easy to pour the unused sprinkles back into their container so that they aren’t wasted. Let the icing dry completely before stacking or packing your Christmas tree decorated Christmas cookies.

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