Introduction: Decoration Cookie

That’s a nice cookie decoration


That’s a nice cookie decoration. It will only cost you a scissors, printer ink,

glue, wire (any wire ) a pencil, cardboard, printer and computer . (on the picture below there is neither the computer nor the pencil).

Step 1:

Import a file containing the cookie image then open it in images (PNG, JPG)

Out print a sheet, return the image, then re-print it.(Here I made a mistake not to repeat. I simply forgot to return the picture. I realized the error only at the end. The pictures are made on this beautiful mistake). Once the cards are printed, cut them.

Step 2:

then take the cardboard and draw a circle with the cookie

Step 3:

Once it makes the piece of cardboard cut

Step 4:

Then paste the two paper cookies on it

Step 5: End

And that’s it! You can hang it on the wall of your room making a necklace, and other things!

Step 6: Credits

Thanks to FreePNG

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