Introduction: Decorative Ash Hurley

I play an Irish sport called Hurling. It is a fun, physical, fast paced field sport. Don't worry if you don't know what it is, most people don't. It is primarily only played in Ireland but there are smaller clubs spread through the world including the USA, even in Seattle, WA. There is a great youtube video, Hurling- the fastest game on grass, if you're interested.

The hurleys are traditionally made out of ash and get broken during play fairly often. I started collecting these broken sticks to repair and paint them for decorative use only. This specific design of an Eagle Bear is for a friend that was in the hospital with heart problems and almost died. The eagle bear is one if our pub league teams that he was often captain of and since I couldn't do anything to help with his health problems I thought I would make him a gift that would remind him that our club is always thinking about him.

Step 1: Fix Broken Stick

Wood glue, clamps, and some shims is all you should need most of the time. The sticks usually break in a way so that they can be pushed back together and mostly line up. Every once in a while I will have to snip some of the inside splinters to get the pieces to line up flush. Because this is purely decorative wood glue is a strong enough bond. Apply clamps with shims or padding under them. The clamps can leave depression marks on the wood if there isn't any padding under them. So glue, line up, clamp, let sit for at least 24 hours.

Step 2: Prepare Your Wood

After the stick is back in one piece sand off any marker and scuffs. This is especially important if your are leaving the wood grain showing. I usually hand sand but using a sander or Dremel can speed things up. Just make sure to sand everything to evenly.

Step 3: Making Design and Applying

Once I have my design ready I trace it onto tracing paper. I use the method of putting graphite on the backside of the design then taping it down and tracing it again but this time onto the hurley. Once the initial lines are put down you can always go back and touch them up as needed. Finally choose your colors and get painting. I chose a traditional color pallet of black and red. I use acrylic paint and then use a few clear coats of spray paint to protect the paint job. Also since it will mast likely be hung on a wall the back side can be used for adding a personal message and your signature.

Step 4:

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