Introduction: Decorative STAR WARS BB-8

This instructables will show you how to make a decorative BB-8 from STAR WARS The force awakens.
You will need :
- news paper
- tape
- plaster bands
- orange and black paint
- wire

Step 1: Paper Body

Make a paper ball using the news paper. I used about four sheets for mine. Use the tape to keep it nice and round. It should be about the size of a tennis ball.

Step 2: Cover With Plaster Bands

Now that you have got the right shape, you can start covering it with the plaster bands. This will make it go harder and will give it the right colour ( white ).
Cut short strips of plaster, dampen them in some water and place them on the ball to get the best shape as possible.

Step 3: The Head

Repeat the same steps, but this time, on a smaller and half ball to make BB-8's head.

Step 4: Paint

Start painting the ball just like BB-8's body, that you can find on internet. Use orange and black water paint and a very thin paint brush.
Then start painting the head.

Step 5: Wire

Cut two little peaces of wire. 3 cm and 2cm. Then stick them on the head. You can use some glue, but you may not need it.

Step 6: Done

Now balance the head on the ball using the force, and you should get something that looks like BB-8.