Introduction: Deer Saté

You need:

* Ketjap Manis

* 500 gram Deer Meat (in pieces of 4cm x 4cm)

Add to taste:


* pepper

* Cocos

Step 1: Ketjap Manis

add 3 table spoons ketjap manis in a bowl

Step 2: Mixing the Meat

Add the meat to the Ketjap Manis and mix it up.

Step 3: Add to Taste

Now you can add some flavour to the meat. You can use salt and pepper and even cocos

Let the meat rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator

Step 4: Grill It

You can Grill it on a indoor grill or on the BBQ.

Step 5: Serve With..

You can serve the saté with rice and vegetables. For the taste you can add fried onions. Dont forget the saté sauce to top it off.

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