Introduction: Dehumidifier Based Self Watering Pot

Salt based dehumidifiers are conceived as disposable items, but after I've seen how much water it collected in one month from my bathroom, I've decided to make something more long term from it. This is an instructable for a simple pot that drains its moisture only from bathroom air. It will be a pot for low water requiring plants, because I don't think it will be able to sustain any other plants. I didn't had a cactus available so I used some wild steppe plant, that hopefully won't die anytime soon.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You'll need:

1. a dehumidifier bought from your local store

2. a 6l plastic bottle or a pot that can hold enough space for the dehumidifier

3. a cutter to use for the plastic bottle

4. a drill to punch some holes in it. If you don't have one you can just cut open the bottom of the dehumidifier with the above mentioned cutter

Step 2: Nothing to Be Done Here

No need to cut open your new dehumidifier, this is just to satisfy your curiosity. I made this pictures with an old dehumidifier just to show you how much water it collected in one month from the bathroom. You can see it's full

(aprox. 250ml) and theoretically you should throw it to garbage now. But not on instructables...

Step 3: Cut the Bottle

Use the cutting tool to make a pot from the plastic bottle. It should be high enough to include the dehumidifier.

Step 4: Make Holes

Use the drill to make some holes for drainage in the plastic bottom. It doesn't matter how they look, you can see I accidentally cracked mine. You can even cut the whole bottom.

Step 5: Put Everything Together

Don't use an edible plant, I don't know what substances are used inside these dehumidifiers or if they'll contaminate your plant.

Put the dehumidifier inside the pot and carefully surround it with the soil needed by your chosen plant. Place the pot inside your bathroom if you have enough light in there. If you used a cactus and you shower a lot maybe your plant won't die of thirst.

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