Delicious Raspberry Jam

Introduction: Delicious Raspberry Jam

Raspberries can be found everywhere in Norway during summer, in the garden or in the wild. These beutiful red berries have a fantastic aroma when picked on a sunny day, and can be used in cakes, for baking, in smoothies, jam or just for eating. Here is a recipe for home made raspberry jam.

Step 1: Recipe

1kg raspberries, fresh or frozen
400g sugar

Step 2: Sterilizing the Glasses

Fill your clean glasses with boiling water and also let the lids be covered in water. Leave for a few minutes. Empty the glasses and fill them with jam while they are hot. I prefer wearing rubber gloves for this, the glasses are hot! Be carefull not to touch the inside of the glass or lid with your fingers after this step.

Step 3: The Jam

Bring the berries to the boil using low heat. Stirr occasionally while the berries boil, 8-10 minutes, until you have a smooth texture. Remove from the heat and add the sugar. Stirr continously untill the jam starts to get thicker, no heat needed here. If you use sugar added pectin this step will be quick, just stirr untill the sugar is dissolved. With normal sugar this could take 30-60min. Just watch your favorite tv series while you stir. The jam is ready when it starts to stick to the spatula you're stirring with. Distribute the jam in clean, hot glasses and close the glasses at once. Leave to cool completely and enjoy.

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    6 years ago

    Oh my. You did it again. I've been wondering how to do jam, and now here you are with clear instructions.

    tusen takk