Introduction: Delivery Receiving Robot (silly Solutions)

My friends told me that their packages were getting stolen.
So I wanted to help.
I designed a robot that will help them when there in meetings, on a vacation, too lazy to get up and for the silliest things

Step 1: Start With the Wheels

Bring 3 cylinders out and shrink to approximately the same size.

Step 2: Now for Better Wheels

Duplicate your first 3 wheels and move them to the side.
And make them what ever color you want.

Step 3: Blinding the Body

First take out a cube.
Next make the cube bigger and put it over the wheels.
And then you will make the cube whatever color you want.
And you can bring out a cylinder with a whole.
Make the cylinder skinny.

Step 4: Add the Lifter Thing

First take your whole cylinder put it next to the cube.
And then make it taller and make the bottom go up until it makes a gap between the whole cylinder and the cube.
and do that to the top to.
And then you duplicate the whole cylinder and move it to the other side of the cube.
and make it approximately the same size of the gap on the first cylinder as the second cylinder

Step 5: Attaching Arms to the Robot

Take out a cube and make it as short as you can and then you make it longer and skinnier and then you can put it on the lifter thing.
And then duplicate the same skinny long cube and move it to the other lifter thing.
Try to make the arms the same length away from the robot

Step 6: Billing the Head

Take out a cube and make it bigger and make it whatever color you want.
Now take out a circle and put it on the cube but put it a little bit higher in the corner.
Duplicate the circle and move it to the other high corner.

Step 7: More Stuff

Build a rectangle and put it below the two circles on the cube.
Bring out a cylinder and make it skinny on all sides and put it on the head wherever you like.

Step 8: Antenna

Build a circle and put it on the skinny cillinder

Step 9: Solar Panel Part 1

Make a cube then flatten it and spread it and then make a whole cube that takes up 1/6 of the flatten shape.
Duplicate that five more times.
Spread them out so they take up so they take up the whole surface of the first shape make sure that there’s a little space between each cube.
Make sure that the holes aren’t all the way through the flatten shape so they only make an indent.

Step 10: Solar Panel Part 2

Pull out a cylinder and cube.
Tilt the cylinder and put it over the cube.
Then duplicate that and move it to the side.
Put the thing from the step before on top of the two cylinders and squares.
Put the finished solar panel on top of the robot’s head.

Step 11: Name Tag

Bring out A text.
And then you rotate the text so it’s facing right side up.
And you drag it over to your robot chest and lifted a bit.

Step 12: Finished!

This is what you’re robot should look like.