Introduction: DemUinoPortable

An Arduino/Sanguino micro-computer by DemeterArt.


  • An ATMEGA644P-20PU with 64KB flash, 4KB SRAM and 2KB EEPROM
  • LCD character display 4 lines by 20 columns with linebar graphics
  • functionally independent custom keyboard consisting of 44 keypad keys •
  • built-in step-up power supply from 3 AA rechargeable batteries
  • create up to 8 custom characters for user graphics including bargraph
  • support for interactive and batch modes
  • full screen line editor
  • up to 150 program steps
  • if-then-else conditional, do-while and for-next loops plus goto and gosub statements for branching and timely execution
  • compute Convolution and DFT of sequences plus any combination of arithmetic and mathematical expressions in RPN and complex number manipulation up to Transfer Functions in s-domain.
  • run interactively commands while a program is running
  • run mini loops/programs from the command line
  • modify on-the-fly program data and code
  • system variables allow for timed events, average, rms, min and max values from analog pins, etc
  • 104 bytes of different types of user variables that share memory among them to interact with system variables and commands allowing for bytes, short and long integers as well as floating point numbers
  • dynamic allocation of memory to work with ranging from unsigned chars to floating point numbers
  • mini oscilloscope application 20x16 dots and 50KB/sec sampling rate
  • slow and fast GPIO
  • save/load programs and data to/from SD card and/or internal EEPROM
  • autoexec to load and run a program from EEPROM after each reset
  • up to 18 GPIO pins on external D-sub female connector
  • speaker for sound effects using pwm

Step 1:

this is the main controller schematic that runs the interpreter the SD and the LCD

Step 2:

this is the keyboard controller

Step 3:

this is the power supply unit

Step 4:

this is the SD card interface

Step 5:

This is the archive for version 1 with the binaries, sources and documentation.


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