Dental Health Teaching Aid

Introduction: Dental Health Teaching Aid

The process of assembling our product, and teaching a lesson with it that spreads the message of proper dental hygiene!

Step 1: Identify Bottom Jaw

Our device comes in five separate parts, the bottom and top jaw, the oversized toothbrush, the jaw holder, and an Expo marker. The bottom jaw has slightly smaller teeth, and no uvula.

Step 2: Identify Top Jaw

This half of the jaw has a uvula in the back of the jaw near the thin, rectangular connector slot. The teeth are also slightly larger than its counterpart.

Step 3: Displaying the Teeth

The jaw holder is green and shaped like a rectangular prism with slot openings. These openings are designed to fit the elongated tabs in the back of each jaw. Place the holder on a flat surface as shown in the picture, with the longest face positioned vertically. One opening should be on the bottom of the front face, and one slot should be on the top face. Insert the lower jaw horizontally into the slot on the front face, with the teeth facing towards you. Insert the upper jaw vertically into the slot on the top face, with the uvula sticking out towards you. The jaw should be positioned at a 90 degree angle for presentation purposes, as shown in the second image.

Step 4: Brushing the Teeth

The jaws are meant to be either broken apart, or placed together in a closed position for brushing. Students can draw "plaque" on the teeth (only the white part, not the gums) with expo marker, and then use the oversized toothbrush to brush "decay" off the teeth. The teacher can also demonstrate proper brushing techniques with the model.

Step 5: Playing the Song

Our song is a 2 minute educational tune that is meant to be a supplement to the device. It delivers the messages that students need to brush for 2 full minutes (aka the full duration of the song) and that brushing teeth cleans them. The song can be played while students or instructors are simulating brushing with the model.

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    4 years ago

    I think some of your images are sideways. This is a cool model. What do you do with it?