Introduction: Design


High impact polystyrene

Set square




plaster powder





Step 1: Making Your Mould

Cut out a 10cmX10cm square and 4 trapezoids that are 10cm at the base and 8cm at the top make the height 7 cm. then tape like shown

Step 2: Making Your Core

1. Set a compass to 3.5 cm and make a circle

2. then place the the end of the compass on a line of the circle then make a mark with the pencil

3.then place the needle of the compass on that make

4.repeat 2 and 3 until you have 6 evenly spaced makes on your circle

5. now use the set square and connect the marks to make a hexagon

6. make 6 rectangles that are 3.5cm by 8cm

7. tape it all together and now you have a hexagons

Step 3: Casting

1. put 2 parts water and 3 parts plaster into a bucket

2. then mix with a spatula

3. once you have mixed pour into the mold and place your core into the center of the mold but leave 2 cm of a gap from the bottom for the base

4. tap it like in the image to make sure it does not move

5. place in a location that it can stay for the next 24 hours until it dries.

Step 4: Remove the Mould and Core

1. to remove the core with an exacto knife by cutting the tape

2. then pull out the core but be gentle but if you can't ask someone to help who can

3. sand and top so it's flat and leave out for a few more hours to completely dry

4. put pencils, eraser, scissors, glue and whatever else you need to store