Introduction: Desk Modding

Small desk? No problem. Take some tools and creativity and reDIY.

When I got my computer, I didn't think about the space it would occupy in my desk, as you can see, it barely fit. It was kind of annoying having that table on the right and a real trouble getting to the USB ports (which are in the back), also there was no place for my speakers, Ahhh!

Step 1: Get What You Need

So you need:

Some large big screws

Rotary tool / drill

Drill bits depending on the size of the screws

Screwdriver / Allen keys



T Ruler



Step 2: Do It

1) Take the thing apart.

2) Measure ant draw marks for the holes.

3) Make the holes in the back and in right side.

4) Place everything in it's place like the original set.

We do this to use the holes in the back and side to make the holes in the accurate position on the shelves.

5) Use the holes as guide to make the holes in the shelves.

6) Put the screws.

7) Remove the table from the center.

8) Cover unused holes.

Step 3: Some Useful Things

Magnets, Post-its, clips, small screws, USB Hub.

The clips will be used as cable holders. Use tweezers to shape them.

Step 4: Almost Done

1) Make some holes for the cable holders.

2) Glue the magnets, Post-its and USB hub.

3) Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 5: That's It

Now I'm happy.

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Here is the Instructable for those LED lamps

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