Dessert Pizza Obsession

Introduction: Dessert Pizza Obsession

What's better than pizza for breakfast and pizza for dinner? Of course, it's pizza for dessert!

This is very fun and easy.

It's actually hard to go wrong... pick whatever you think your mouth will like.

Step 1: Ingredients Are the Easy Part! Try These...





Balsamic vinegar

Brown sugar




Peanut butter

Step 2: Ideas-a-plenty! Here's Some...

1. Banana and Nutella (So nice!)

2. Apple and brown sugar (Love of your life)

3. Peach! (OMG)

4. Pear and carmalized onion and honey (The bomb!)

5. Marshmallow and Chocalate chips

6. Peanut butter and chocolate (best friends)

7. Raisons and nuts and honey

Step 3: Dough Prep

We recommend sweetening the dough.

It's hard to go wrong... we recommend about a tablespoon of granulated sugar per small pizza.

You could use brown sugar, mix in chocolate chips, or try raisins.

The dough gets a bit gooey with the sugar in it but it works well.

Step 4: A Few Quick Desert Pies to Feast Your Eyes... Banana and Nutella

Step 5: Apples and Brown Sugar and Cinnamon !

Step 6: Peach and Butter and Brown Sugar

Step 7: Impress Your Mouth!

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