Devil Trident

Introduction: Devil Trident

What you are going to need for this project is

Black electrical tape

A paint set of colors containing yellow, red, and orange

yellow construction paper

3 types of PVC pipe: Cross, straight, and curved

Step 1: Staff

So you are going to take your black electric tape, and slowly, with pressure on the tape, wrap the PVC pipe. It is recommended to do this with someone else holding the tape while someone turns the pipe, but you can still do this on your own.

Step 2: Painting the Trident.

You are going to want to take your yellow, orange, and red colors and pain the trident. You are going to want to paint the bottom parts of the PVC pipes parts all the way to a bit over half way. as shown in the picture. You are then going to take your orange paint and blend it with the red paint until you're about 2 inches away from the tip of the PVC pipe. You are then going to get your yellow paint and blend that paint in with the orange, and paint until the very top. Make sure to leave a bit of white on the bottom of the pipe to where you will connect it to the middle part of the trident, as seen in the picture.

Step 3: Cones

Now, you are going to cut out circles out of the yellow construction paper, which will be 14 centimeters in diameter. You are going to then cut the circle into thirds, and out of the thirds you are going to make cones. After you make the cones, you are going to cut 1 inch cuts around the bottom oft the cone so it will be a lot easier to push the flaps onto the tips of the trident.

Step 4: Put Cones On, Put Pieces Together

You are going to use the flaps you made with the scissors and put the cones half way onto the tip of the trident. Press the flaps onto the trident and wrap the flaps in clear tape. Do this for each of the PVC pipe. You are now done with each piece of the trident. You are going to want to have the middle piece in the middle, and have the other 2 curved PVC pipes go on the side openings on the left and right of the middle part. then you are going to stick that whole structure onto the black pole you made. Make sure that you stick it onto part that was left white, and not on the side that's already wrapped in the black electric tape.

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    1 year ago

    Was this for Halloween or just general devilry?


    Reply 1 year ago

    This was for Halloween