Diamond Collecting Game

Introduction: Diamond Collecting Game

Hi friends,

I made a game in scratch

About the game :

The game is to collect all the diamonds , when the score is 10 you won the game .


Sprites used:



*you won (this sprite will comes on the end when your score comes to 10)

Step 1: Code Block for Diamonds

The diamonds move in y 180 and change y by -5 forever block

Score block when the diamond touches the bag score changes by 1

If the y position < -170 then set y to 180

Step 2: Code Block for Bag

Bag moves in the direction of mouse in x direction

Step 3: Code Block for You Won

When the score comes to 10 the sprite will shown

I hope you enjoyed the game

link for the game

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    5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing. Do you have a link to your game on scratch that you could share?


    Reply 5 months ago

    Thank you so much!