Dice Tray & Tower Combo

Introduction: Dice Tray & Tower Combo

Became tired of trying to find a dice tower I liked for a good price so I just made my own. For less than 20$ I came up with a dice tray and a removable tower that can be added when needed. Everything needed can be purchased at your local hobby/craft store.
You will need:
Walnut hollow wood panel-8.99$
Woodsies 6pc wood slats-2.99$
Self adhesive felt-1.09$
Paint or Stain, sandpaper, wood filler, hand saw or jig saw with a fine wood blade, and good wood glue.

Step 1: Gather, Fill, and Cut

Gather your materials, fill in gaps, then make your cuts. After you have everything you need, start with the tray. You will notice staple holes from the packaging, fill those in and any other gaps you can find in the tray or in the wood slats. Once dry sand everything down lightly for a better fit and smoother look.
Time for the cuts. Take the three best looking slats and set them aside for the back and two sides of the tower. Measure and cut 1 1/2" off the ends of the other three slats (one at a time or stack them and cut once). Those will be the inner slats. Take the best looking of the three slats and set it aside for the front. Cut another 1 1/2" of of the other end of the two slats left (those will be the top and bottom). Cut off the corners from the remaining wood on three sides (for a total of 6 triangles for use as in re slat braces) and cut a 1" x 5/8" rectangle from the remaining end for 2 legs of the tower.

Step 2: Cut Felt

It may be hard to see from the photo but you will need to cut a 7" x 7" square for the bottom of the tray, 4 7" x 1/2" strips for the inner sides of the tray, and 3 1 1/2" x 2 13/16" for the inner slats of the tower. Draw out your cuts on the back to make it easier to cut, it will all fit on one set with no problem.

Step 3: Assemble, Paint, Stain

Sand all you cut edges to square and clean them up. IF YOU PLAN TO STAIN YOUR TRAY AND TOWER DO THAT NOW. Stain will not cover glue so for a clean look stain first then glue. Pre stain wood treatment will also help for a even color stain but not nessesary. Do not stain inner slat tops or inside of the tray, the felt will stick better on bear wood then it will on a stained surface.
Assembly: take your back piece and measure from the bottom of the back to the top of the tray, make a mark as a guide. Glue your sides on from that mark (the bottom of the back piece will sit on the table while the bottom edge of the side pieces will sit on the tray). Make sure they are square, place the front piece in place without glue to assure everything is square and that you can get the front into place later. Let dry. Glue bottom into place, let dry. Place the front into place without glue and use it as a guide to glue the top into place, gently remove front and let top dry. Glue your braces into place, the top set down 1/8" from the top opening lip, the bottom set tight to the bottom piece, and the middle set to the slat itself (carful to keep them square so that slat will fit into the tower later). Let it all dry. Glue inner slats into place, top and bottom to the sides on the tower and to the tops of the braces. The middle slat will be glued to the inside of the front piece of the tower in the middle. Let dry. Paint the inside of the tower and front piece, let dry, stick felt to inner slats, glue front piece into place, let dry. Glue legs onto the bottom of the side pieces. Make sure they stay square and are a tight fit. Let dry.

Step 4: Finishing Up

If you stained then you are done at this point, go and enjoy! For everyone else: Sand the tower down to smooth everything over then paint it up. Let dry and your good to go, enjoy!
Extras include: felt feet for the bottom of the tray .99$ And decorative metal corners from Tim Holtz 8.99$

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like the decorative details you put on it. A little extra flair never hurt anyone...