Introduction: Diego's Spicy Salsa

For this spicy salsa you will need certain ingredients and kitchen tools. It is important to keep safety from dangerous tools and to wash your hands before entering the kitchen.

First you need to set up the ingredients (except the garlic) in your pan and pour a little bit of olive oil into the pan. Then, cook the ingredients for about 8 minutes at a hot temperature make sure to use a spatula to turn over the ingredients and cook them equally.

After they are cooked, set up all of the materials in the blender or molcajete and add some salt and the garlic. Then blend it until y becomes fully liquid which should take about 30 seconds.

When It is fully liquifies pour it all into a new pan and set it on the grill for about 3 minutes and pour 1 lime into it.

After the 3 minutes put the salsa in a plate and enjoy your salsa!


Tools: Molcajete or blender, Knife, Spoon, fry pan, plate, Grill, spatula

Ingredients: 3 green tomatoes,, 1 red tomato 2 spicy chile toreados, a small piece of garlic, salt, olive oil, cilantro and lime

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