Digital Clock Turn Model of "Johnny 5" Circa 1980's Films




Introduction: Digital Clock Turn Model of "Johnny 5" Circa 1980's Films

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Number 5 is alive!

That's right you 1980's bozos. I brought Mr. Johnny 5 back to life in this new fun instructable. If you know any thing about Number 5, you will remember him as a witty, lovable, military grade robot who is more humanly than robotic in the movie's "Short Circuit" and "Short Circuit 2. This model is entirely made out of pieces and parts of a broken digital ihome clock! That's right you must dissemble then reassemble. The cool part about this project is there are not many guidelines to follow because everybody's model will be created differently. Just like Johnny 5, we don't like to follow guidelines and live life to the fullest. Here I will give you some tips on how I assembled my version and help guide you through the process. This is my very first instructable so please don't be to harsh! Most importantly when your inventing your own Johnny 5 remember be creative, have fun, and don't worry about MALFUNCTIONS!

Step 1: The Supplies You Need:

There is not many supplies you need. Let's get started:

1.) I started with an old ihome digital alarm clock that no longer was working. Every single piece of the model (from the head to the stand) are parts of the clock! I would say find an electronic that you plan on throwing away so you are not ruining anything that still works. But if you want to find all the parts that are on my model then try and find that same clock!

2.) PLIERS! This is the number one tool I used to remove all of the different parts of the circuit board. It was also handy to cut some of the wires or heavy metal pieces. PLIER, PLIERS, PLIERS!!!!

3.) Screw drivers: I started with the average phillips driver to pop open the clock but soon realized there are many sized screws inside the clock. I suggest different sized screwdrivers.

4.) Scissors: I didn't use the scissors a lot because I used the pliers more. I didn't use it on some of the circuit boards make the edges smoother.

5.) Hot Glue Gun: .... and lots of glue sticks! I put some thought into it before I started and decided hot glue dries fast and is strong. I found it easy to use this glue. Some of the parts of Johnny were not supported as well (like his arms). So the hot glue gun was my choice because the dry time. Plus when hot glue dries it can be picked off fairly easy if any mistakes are made.

6.) : Modge Podge Sealer: Last but not least modge podge sealer. Or any prefered sealer of your choice.


Step 2: Deciding on What Clock Parts to Use:

2. Anyone can rip a clock open and pull apart different pieces and parts. The hard part (but fun part) is figuring out what pieces to use for what part of Johnny.

Here are the key parts of deciding your design:

1.) Use mutilple pictures of the real "Johnny 5" to guide you through. I will include the pictures I found that worked best for me.

2.) When you start to disassemble the clock keep every little part you have until the very end. You don't know if that little screw can be used in your design!

3.) I had to do some research before writing this to make sure I knew what some of the different pieces of the circuit board were. So keep in mind I am not a circuit board/digital clock piece expert but did try my best to name the pieces.I am including a basic chart to display which pieces I used for each part. The pieces I did not mention are parts of the clock that I used such as the frame or plastic pieces that were not connected to the circuit board.

Step 3: Tips for Constructing:

Again I am leaving the format of assembling this instructable open because that's how I did it. I literally only knew what I wanted to create and went in blind! But I can give you some tips on the construction to make the process a bit easier.

Helpful Tips:

1.) Have an idea of what pieces you want for each part of the model. It makes it faster when gluing.

2.) Work on it in 4 parts. Head; Middle (Shoulders/chest); and bottom (bass); and arms.

3.) Work from the bottom up to top when gluing all together. It's always a good idea to have a stable base! Do then arms last so they don't get into the way and your have your base down.

4.) Don't be afraid to use glue! There were times I had to go back and add more to make it more stable.

5.) Be patient! When gluing pieces on, hold pieces in place until glue dries. As stated earlier, hot glue dries fast and for me it seemed to work quickly.

6.) Lastly be careful not to put to much pressure when holding the pieces to dry. I thought pressure would be better to make the pieces stick, but found myself popping off pieces because too much pressure was applied.

Step 4: Last Step: Modge Podge Finish:

Last step is to finish Mr. Five off with a nice finishing coat.

1.) I used Modge Podge aerosol spray:

~This seals it all together and makes everything looks and finished. I used modge podge sealing coat spray. Modge Podge does come in different forms for applying. I highly suggest the aerosol. It is one of my favorite finish's to use and is fairly easy to find at any craft store or local store (such as walmart). Make sure whatever finish you choose to use outdoors bc of fumes and odors.


And there you have it, your very own Mr. Johnny 5 "Short Circuit" himself.

I grew up watching the Short Circuit movies and this was such a fun project to do. Again just use your creativity and make your own version. You can even make your own mohawk sporting, balls kicking into outer space Johnny Number 5!

Hope you enjoyed my very first intractable. And now you can show him to all of your laser lipped friends or your snowblower momma as you time travel to the 1980's! Good luck instructablers!

and remember NUMBER FIVE ALIVE!

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