Introduction: Directional Phone Alarm and Sound Booster.

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Directional phone alarm and sound booster

Step 1: Materials

Construction paper
Glue sick or glue gun
Tin can large enough to fit phone

Step 2: Put Together

cut paper to how you want to look on can then cut a directional pannel that is about the same height or a little taller than can.

Step 3: Put in Phone

place phone to where the speaker is at the bottom of the can, facing the directional pad and when your alarm clock or juat liatening to muaic, you will notice it at leat doubles to tripples the sound.

you can also lay the phone acroaa the top with the speaker facing down into the can this aslo works and you nex time you shouldnt be late for class or work :)

Step 4: Done

finished (i just used scrap paper that already had cuts out of it as to not to waste my construction paper.)

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