Introduction: Disassembling Voigtlander Telomar AF 100-300 Mm F/5.6-6.7

I got a little bored today and took out the Voigtlander 100-300 mm lens that I bought cheap early this week.

There's fungus in the lens and I wasn't bothered to send it for service because the cost was too high. So I contact the manufacture but they didn't help that much (nothing at all ;D).

So after some research on forums and google, on other lenses Nikon, Canon and others and lots of frustration I decide to disassemble the lens to clean up the lenses.

The terms I use maybe incorrect as I am not a professional in lens service, this is just to share how I serviced the Voigtlander Telomar AF 100-300 mm f/5.6-6.7, saving some money. Everything works after disassembly and assembly.

I cannot be responsible if something goes wrong, do at your OWN RISK.

I am just showing how I did on my own Voigtlander 100-300 mm lens

Step 1: Tools

The tools you need just for disassembly are:

- Kit of precision Screwdrive.

- Cloth to clean glass.

Step 2: Lets Get Started ;D

With a screwdriver tip remove gently the plastic ring that have the name of the lens.

Save the plastic ring.

Step 3: Removing Front Lens (1º)

With a screwdriver place in one of the holes was seen in the picture and turn counterclockwise. Ideally two holes should be use. You sould have something like you can see in the second picture.

Save the front lens.

Step 4: Remove the Ring

Remove the metallic ring after removing the first lens.

Save the metallic ring.

Step 5: Removing Second Lens (2º)

See the all the pictures. To unscrew the second lens start to get a little tricky. I paste a double sided tape which has foam in between and use the rear cap to unscrew it. Turn counterclockwise. You should end like picture four.

Save the second lens.

Step 6: Removing the Rear Lenses

So far so good. If you came this far you have a brave heart ;D. Let's continue

At the rear of the lens place your fingers inside without touching in the lens and apply a little pressure. Turn counterclockwise (see picture nº2).

You should get everything you see in picture nº3.

- 1 flat ring

- 3 pressure ring

- 1 black tube with more lenses.

Step 7: Black Tube With More Lenses

Hold like you can see in picture nº2.

Turn counterclockwise.

You should get something like picture nº3.

Step 8: More Lenses ;D

After disassembly the black tube, there is a small group of lenses (see picture nº2)

Important to memorise the position as can be seen in picture nº2.

So the black tube holds 3 lenses you can clean, one is inside of the black tube.

Save the lenses.

Step 9: No More Lenses ;D

Pictures nº1 and nº2 shows you there is no more lenses inside the Voigtlander Telomar AF 100-300 mm f/5.6-6.7 body.

You can start to clean everything now.

Just assemble everything again. Step by step.

More to come, next will be a Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f1.8.

Good Luck