Introduction: Dishwasher Basket Improvement

We have an apartment size dishwasher which has a utensil basket which is not sturdy and readily gets holes in the bottom so we have to load it knife points up to protect it. Since this guideline was not always followed, our current basket is holey and we have to load it in a very specific way-still knife points up in order not to damage it further, but also we have to put items with large bottoms such as steak knives in first to plug the holes. We are on our 2nd replacement basket, at least, and were unable for a very long time to find a source for a new basket. Although we have recently found a source the basket has been on order for almost 2 months. So, my husband suggested the following temporary fix. (It also may be a good way to protect the new basket before it gets damaged!)

Step 1: Materials

The materials I used:

  • the holey basket,
  • a tape measure,
  • new plastic pot scrubber sheets (Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pads in this case),
  • scissors,
  • a felt pen, and
  • a shish kebab skewer

Step 2: Measure

Take a measurement of the inside of the utensil basket compartment which in this instance is 1 3/8 inches.

So, after getting the measurement you mark the pot scrubber with the felt pen.

Step 3: Cut

Cut the pot scrubber as per your measurements.

My Mum used to sell these great scissors in her office supply store and we called them 'the penny cutting scissors' because they can actually cut pennies-why you would want to cut pennies is another consideration…but judging from the stylized 'A' on them these scissors seem to be Acme (really) brand scissors made in the USA. Other scissors work, of course.

Step 4: Insert the Scrubber Pieces With Skewers

Insert the pieces of pot scrubber in the basket and secure them in place with the shish kebab skewer.

After making and placing a few pieces I realized that the compartments in the middle were larger than the outside compartments so I made larger ones to fit.

We had thought of sewing the pot scrubber pieces into the basket but it will be necessary to remove the pieces to clean them. Possibly, it would be simpler to just keep loading the basket in a specific way, but we will see!