Display Case/ Shadowbox




Introduction: Display Case/ Shadowbox

Step 1: Supplies & Tools

Assuming you've taken the time to CAD out a design and you've got your dimensions...
Hit the Hardware Store/ Lumber Yard or unguarded construction site.

1/2" x 2" & 5" x8' MDF Baseboard
1/4" Pegboard
LED Puck Lighting Kit
Wood glue
1 1/4" Nails
Hole Filler

Table saw
Chop saw
Finish Nailer & Compressor
Tape Measure, Rafter's Square & Pencil

Step 2: Cut to Fit, Beat Into Place

I ripped an approx 1/4" slot out of the 1/2 " x 5" MDF for the peg board to rest in.
Then cut my boards to build the frame.
(Looking back, I should have gone with 5/8 MDF or a 1/2 Plywood just for stability)

Step 3: Trim & Paint Out

I went with a Primed MDF, easy to work with and pretty forgiving. I was painting it out to match the trim in the room so grain wasn't important.
That and this was kind of a quick and dirty job.

I painted the 1/2 trim first, then cut to size, then I tacked it in to place.
Before filling the nail holes, I test fitted one of the guitars I'll be displaying.
Fill, Sand & Paint...

Step 4: Light in Up

This case is built into the wall, so I popped a few holes in the bottom board, routed out a slot to hide the wires.

Step 5: Installed

I framed an opening for my display case, long before I planed this build, then built my unit to fit.
I ran electrical for the LEDs, finish that connection before anchoring the works to frame.

I used heat shrink tubing on the pegboard hangers to add a touch of grip and hopefully reduce any scratches to the guitars.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love the idea of building the display into your wall. Great job on the lighting. I'd love to see what elecronics are back there! As someone that loves music in all it's forms, I can say that this is something that I like a lot!