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I saw the note on Tinkercad that Instructables was having a competition for people who like to use Tinkercad in their school work. Naturally since I use Tinkercad for Homeschool I was extremely happy to see a great Competition Utilizing both School work and Tinkercad. Naturally I entered.

Note from Mom.

My son Josiah loves Instructables and Tinkercad and when he saw this competition I gave the assignment of three scenes from your favorite book (or movie series). Naturally he picked the Lord of the Rings, bye J.R.R Tolkien. I hope he does well. Thank you.

So that's It. I did three scenes from The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, Erebor, Rivendell, and Isengard.

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A good computer and Tinkercad.

Step 1: Step 1; Start With Verification That I Am Homeschooled

I hope you guys trust that I am homeschooled since I said I was, but I thought I better make sure that you knew. So here is the school districts paper that verifies that I am home schooled.

Step 2: Step 2; Erebor Exterior

This took a lot of work, About 68 hrs to complete, which means I have been working on these projects since the start of the competition and have rarely not been working on them. The outside is composed entirely of Cliffs That I put together giving it a rocky look. There are pine trees dotted throughout the mountain and some at the bottom beside the river. I you have not see the movie, (which is suggest you stop reading this intractable and go see first) You will notice that I have four statues of massive dwarves at the front of the mountain as in the movie and the book. They are basically the same but put in different poses.

How to make it:

start with a pyramid and change the number of sides to 8.

Then take two parabaloids and change the number of sides to 3 and stack them together to complete the top snowy part

next create a cliff, using all cubes, stacking them alternately and expanding and contracting various ones util you have the desired cliff shape.

take the cliffs and use them to surround the mountain at regular intervals leaving no side uncovered.

next take two roof pieces and extend them from the front of the mountain forming the two wings, cover these over with cliffs as well, they should be 3 cliffs tall to give a rough size comparison.

Next add the river. This part is really easy, all you have to do is take a scribble tool and draw the basic shape that you want, and put it right in front of the gate.

Next build the bridge. Take a cube and extend it out from the gate (instructions on the gate in the next step) whereupon you will take a round roof shape and turn it into a hole, then duplicate it down the length of the bridge to create an arch bridge, group all pieces. Lastly for the bridge, take a cube rotate it 16 degrees and turn it into a hole causing it to cut the end of the bridge off, making it into a ramp.

Now add the men(instructions to make the men in the 5 step.)

Add trees. Pine Trees are really easy to make. All you have to do is make a roof shape, and continuously rotate the next clone 10 degrees to the right, keeping the tips all together. Once you have completed 180 degrees, you will have the first layer. (note 180 degrees, because the roof shape does the shape again on the other side.) anyhow do this step two more times, every time making the roof shorter and pulling it up above the first section. then you will make a paraboloid just like you did for the snow cap on the mountain and put it on top, first adding only 3 sides. Continue to add these shapes rotated 10 degrees to the right until you have the desired effect. Note 10 degrees may not be the measurement that you want, you could to 15 or 30 or something like that however i do not suggest going above 30. make sure to add the trees, everywhere along the river including up the base of the mountain.

For the interior, make a pyramid the same shape as the pyramid used to make the base of the mountain and turn it into a hole. After this is complete you will group all shapes in the design so that you can completely cut out the interior of the mountain. For more instructions on interior see step 6.

Step 3: Step; 3 the Gate

The gate. Relatively complex, houses about 15 soldiers and has the symbol of Durin on the from and on the bridge leading up to it.

How to make it:

this part is actually easier than the first step for me at any rate.

start with the gate itself. Make a cube the same size as the size you want to make the gate and create it to be a hole. After that is done group it with the mountain and you will have an entrance way inside it in which to put your gate.

The gate itself is made with a cube the same size as the hole you made to create the opening. You will then take a cube, place a roof onto of it and place another cube on top of that (covering the point completely) and then add a trapezoid on top. group these shapes, duplicate them and make a hole. Whereupon you will use then to cut out the archways on the left and right for the gate. Then you will make another cube, place a trapezoid on top, and cut out the middle arch way as seen in the picture. Note, do not cut all the way through the cube but only half way. Next take a cube, stretch it to be the length of the gate, and raise it up so that it is even with the place where the arches start to bend in, Raise it to the ceiling and turn it into a hole, group it with the gate and cut out a section for the men to stand on. Then make crenelations out of trapezoids. then make two round roof shapes, add a cube to them, and turn them into holes, use these to create the windows in the back of the gate, as seen in the picture. make three per arch (note make sure you cut all the way through the cube this time.) next make three small rectangular windows per arch, and cut all the way through creating more windows. you now have completed the main gate section.

Now for the door. Take a trapezoid and place it on top of a square the desired size you want the door to be, and group the shapes. duplicate these one will be the gate, and the other will be the hole you use to place the gate inside the green walls. cut a hole in the walls and place the gate inside as seen in the picture. Next create some design to put on the door, I used the symbol of Durin, namely his head and helmet in a block fashion. (If you don't know who Durin is, he is the father of all the dwarves. the door is now complete.

The bridge. I left this for this step because it is easier to see in the picture. first make a railing on the outside of the bridge as you are going up, make it thin, and on the outside, I used a cube, (that is my favorite shape) it is easier. then use the design that you made for the door, turn it into a hole and cut it into the bridge, all the way down to the bottom. the bridge is now complete.

Add men. see the next step to see how to make men.

Step 4: Step; 4 the Men

The first is just a standard Dwarvish soldier, the second is the King Thror. Overall he is the worst person I put in my instructable. Hope he is not too bad.

Hot to make a man: (or dwarf)

Men are very difficult especially in tinkercad. To make a man I started with a basic body outline. Make the outline with spheres and nothing else. Start at the feet. When you have the foot done, scale everything to its proportion. make the lower leg out of one single oval apiece. Next make the upper leg out of one single oval apiece, making it 1and 1/2 times as big as the lower leg. Make the lower stomach out of one sphere do not elongate or change proportions. the bottom is two spheres as well. the body is one sphere with shoulder blades and chest muscles to give shape to the person. the arms are made the same way the legs are with the same proportions. the neck is one sphere elongated up and down. The head is just a sphere, with another smaller one for the chin. There you have it a basic shape of a man.

Add armor. Start with the helmet. a semi sphere, will suffice for the top and three cylinders will do the crest on top. take another cylinder, and cut a t shaped hole in the front for the face. creating the face guard. The body armor is just cylinders wrapped around the body and scaled to fit. when you get to the leg cut out the middle with a cube shaped hole. the "skirt" is a paraboloid with the front cut off. Leg armor is just a tube with half cut off to form half a ring. the knee pad is the same but rounded with a tube shaped as a hole. The same applies to the arms, however a cone was used to make the spikes on the guys shoulder. the belt is a tube as is the shoulder belt. the axe is made with a cylinder cut by cylindrical holes to make an axe blade. it is all one piece because the two cylinder holes cut out the outside creating the rounded inside. the handle is just a cylinder with a pyramid on top. the shield

to make thror. change his armor to gold, and take away the face mask. give him a hammer made like the axe with the a cube on top and with pyramids studded throughout. give him a beard, (I need to work on that) and change the colors of the rest of his body. there you have it a man made on tinkercad.

Step 5: Step; 6 the Interior

This is the throne room, also known as the hall of kings. Erebor has been hallowed out so that I could put in the throne and also the statues and men . It's ok. The Arkenstone is in the throne just like in the movie.

This part is very difficult. Trying to work in an enclosed space can be very hard. However it is not impossible.

I started with the bridge, made it just like the one outside the castle and placed it inside the mountain.

Once inside there is an elevated platform on which sits a throne. this throne is made by placing a cube on the center and another thinner and taller one on the back to make the semblance of a Chair. After which two cubes are thinned and placed as armrests. two roofs are then rotated 90 degrees and placed standing upright providing support for the armrests. creating the base of the throne. The same thing is done for decoration at the top of the throne where the arkenstone sits. It sits in a golden well decorated space above the kings head. It is made like a tic tac toe board made from cubes, with a triangle at the end of each line. thus completing the throne.

Add the men that you have already made to the interior. These men will allow you to create the statues you need for the hall of kings, as seen in the picture.

Step 6: Step; 7 Smaug Chiefest and Greatest Calamity of Our Age.

The dragon Smaug is the main antagonist in the Hobbit book. An evil creature he steals Erebor from the dwarves and they have to take it back. Which is the point of the book and movie. So of course I had to make him too.

How to make it:

First start with the body. It is a sphere elongated to make an oval, which will serve for the body. the neck is two tube shapes flipped so that they make an s shape. the head is is sphere at the end to create the snout and a half sphere on bottom. It extends into how triangles, which extend to the eyes, which rest on a half sphere surmounted by spines. these are made of cones and are placed at intervals all along the body. the tail is made the same way as the head, with a spade at the end made out of a roof piece. the teeth are the same as the spines. the legs are made of cylinders with spheres to represent knees. the feet are squashed spheres with spikes for claws. the wings are cylinders with holes cut into the miccli to provide the bat like shape. duplicate one and create two to complete a wing. add a cylinder for the bone, and a spike at the end and you are done. As you can see I am much better at buildings than at dragons and animals in general.

That's all for Erebor.

Step 7: Step; 8 Isengard

Isengard is the fortress of Saruman a good wizard who turns evil and starts to attack the free people of Rohan. He dies in the end. This design has the tower of Orthanc the big one in the middle as well as the wall around it, and the fighting Uruk-hai , his orcs. Again I used a Cliff to make the ground and copied and pasted it again and agin to make the ground. The tower has windows as well as a small interior.

How to make:

start with he cliff that you used on erebor. Copy and repeat it until you have the desired base. Once you have that make a tube to surround the outside and it will serve as the outer wall. Towers are then made, there are steps later that will explain their makings. and also fire and orcs. to complete the outer wall, use a circular array to make crenelations, (you will find it under all int the shapes menu) and then duplicate it to create enough for the wall. make a crane.

  • pretty easy. take a circular array and add an x shaped frame to it as well as a tube to create the wheel. two cubes at 25 degrees up and left, or right, will create the arm. A cube will create the base. use the scribble tool to create a hook, and the cylinder to create a line or rope. Thats all. Just follow the picture.

Step 8: Step; 9 the Fires of Isengard

This is basically where the orcs make stuff etc..

How to make:

really easy actually even though it doesn't look that way

take a cube and add a cylinder to it at half way to create a rounded end. then group the shapes.

after that take two more cylinders, change them to holes and cut out the back of the shape you have currently made to create the rounded back of the flame. continue to repeat this step using different shapes to finally get the desired effect.

Step 9: Step; 10 the Tower of Orthanc

This is just the big tower in the center equipped with windows and a lot of intricate stonework. If you click on the picture you will be able to see it more clearly.

How to make:

this is very detailed and took me a long time to make.

Start with the base. make a cube and change it to four times it original size. This will vary depending on what type of grid you are using. Anyhow add five paraboloids to the bottom making them stick out halfway.

make a cube flatten it and extend it over the paraboloids just a little bit. view picture.

take a cylinder surmounted by a paraboloid, and do what you did with the original paraboloid to it.

than take a cylinder, cut a hole in it with another cylinder in the side, make sure the hole is sideways, (view picture) and put it up above the paraboloids.

make a cube flatten it and extend it over the cylinders just a little bit. view picture.

now take a round roof piece and make it into a hole, group it with the square and you will have an arch above the cube, repeat five or six times.

above that live a little space a create a cylindrical hole above the arches. repeat this step as many times as you did the arches.

Add a pyramid above the cube

cut out windows into it by using a round roof. repeat three times

add a sphere above that so that it sticks out just a little on all sides.

copy and duplicate the entire structure and repeat four times, to have the base inside you will place a cylinder with a half circle on top, about as wide as the previously built structure, and a little taller.

At the base of they cylinder put some stairs made from cubes all of the same length to add up to about 10-15 stairs. your choice.

at the top of the stairs make a door, our of a round roof and and spheres as studs to the door. add a crossbar going through it out of a cube and add handles made from the scribble tool.

above that make 5 long cylindrical holes that stretch up to the top of the pyramids.

above that make 8 windows that reach all the way through the building and out the other side, make these with the round roof and a hole.

add a cylinder stretching up as far as you want the tower to be tall.

add the cylinders that have a sideways cylinder cut through their edges all around the outside of the building as seen.

add an upside down cone to the top of the building make sure the edges stick out over the top of the cylinder, but hide the point.

next build the balcony with Saruman on top. Its easy. flip a roof upside down and place cubes on top to form a railing.

next create windows by making a round roof, and adding another round roof inside that one. take the smaller inside one and cut it into sections using a thin cube in the hole configuration. then repeat the windows 6 times,

make a black cylinder and place it above the windows. place the cylinders that have a sideways cylinder cut through their edges all around the outside of the building as seen.and add another black cylinder. add more windows.

add another black cylinder

make several cylinders in the hole configuration and make a pattern around the top of the cylinder.

place the cylinders that have a sideways cylinder cut through their edges all around the outside of the building as seen.and add another black cylinder.

create spikes on the top. Simply take a cube and take a cylinder in the hole configuration and cut out most of the cube, and round it off. this will create the horns on top.

and at last this part is done.

Step 10: Step; 10 the Gate

Every good castle needs a gate and this one is no exception. There are two gaurd towers on either side with orc archers in the middle.

How to make;

make the gate just like the one on the tower of Orthanc

then make a cylinder and add paraboloids to the bottom of it. in a circular fashion.

add the cylinders that are sideways with a vertical hole through the side in a cylindrical fashion around the main cylinder.

add the spikes or horns on top as seen in the last step and its done.

note you can see the individual layers of the outer wall in this picture. To get these make a tube and change it to a hole making a small indention along the outer wall.

Step 11: Step; 11 the Uruk-hai and Saruman

Saruman is the evil wizard and the Uruk-hai are his orcs. They took a really long time to make as I am not good at making people. Hope you like them.

Saruman is pretty horrible he is just like the mesh with boots a staff and a hat. and beard. beard is just cones. the staff is just a cylinder with the horns on top. like the building. his hat is a cone, and a cylinder. easy enough.

The uruk-hai are just dwarves, with the hand of Saruman, a flag, and some other weapons. their helmets have a cube that has been cut out with a trapezoid on bottom and a cylinder on each side, adorning the top. the shield is a cylinder that has been cut out by another cylinder both lengthwise and on the tip forming spikes. the hand is just cylinders added together to form that shape. Pretty easy. the banner is a cube that has been cut by a roof shape and 5 cylinders to form the shape that it is in now. the spear is a cylinder with an arrow head on top. the sword is a sharpened cube with a cubic handle.

that's all.

Step 12: Step; 12 Ent

I hope he is ok. He is supposed to look like tree beard the walking tree who smashes Isengard in the end with his friends. Sadly I don't think he completely captured the idea. Hope you knew what it was without reading this.

How to make:

this guy is actually the hardest person to make as he does not follow the basic outline.

to make make his basic body including stomach muscles out of cubes that have been rounded off in the cube menu. his legs are cylinders with asteroids for knees. his toes and fingers are cylinders that have cones on the end, making them more like roots. his head is also square with an indention, made with a circular hole for his eyes. which are made of spheres. his beard is made of the leaves, found under all in the parts menu. and he has trees sticking out of all parts of his body. He wears shorts made of a mesh found in the all in the parts menu. and he has flowers through out his beard made of stars. Trees are also all over him, including the large one coming out of his back and above his head. two spheres make chest muscles. he is throwing an asteroid.

That's all for Isengard It took about 27 hrs to make.

Step 13: Step; 13 Rivendell

Rivendell also know as the last homely house east of the sea is the domain of elves lead by their king Elrond. It is very instrumental in the story. They have the ability to make magical watery horses appear in the lake and sweep their enemies away. Over all it is a place of peace, rest, and plenty.

This was very difficult to make...

to make it start with the bridge, make two arches and stairs out of cubes. the trees have already been described in erebor. make the water with the scribble tool. the individual archetecture through out the building that look like domes. are really a lot of arches rotated by 29 degrees. and added together. After making the first layer add another, and then another. then add a half sphere and make a hole with a cylinder in the top. there is a cube in the middle with a door, in it and crenelations made from cubes. the cylindrical towers on the side have cones on top. the large cylinders on the top and back have arches spanning them. they are just arches in the all menu. the spiral staircase was made with a spiral in the all menu. instructions on horses, elves, and statues come later.

Step 14: Step ;14 the Gate

This gate has a narrow bridge that has all the dwarves who cross worried that they will fall into the water below. Thankfully they make it across safely.

it is built just like the gate for Isengard.

Step 15: Step; 15 Just Statues of Elves Used for Decoration.

You will notice they don't look like the solders they are supposed to be ancient but they are not great.

use the basic body, and add leg armor to it. give it a bow made from a half tube and a cylinder. the cape is made from a paraboloid that has bee cut in half. the gem in the middle is just a diamond. the elf statues are standing on a cylinder that has been tapered at the ends.

Step 16: Step;16 the Watery Horses

Didn't want to leave that magic power out!

the horses, are mostly made from spheres I.E. the main body the neck and the upper leg as well as the mouth. the holes are made from cylinders that have been taped at the end. you could also use a cone. the lower legs are cylinders, whereas the knees are spheres the mane and tail are made from pipes. formed into an s shape.

Step 17: Step; 17 Elves

Fully armed in colder armor these elves are some of the best fighters in middle earth. if you want to view them bigger click on the picture.

the elves are made just like the orcs except that they have special swords, made with a triangle and a cube that have been sharpened by a triangular hole. as well as a cylindrical handle and guard. their armor is golden, their shields are cubes that have been rounded by cylinder holes. they have leaves and a diamond on them. the flag is an extruded curve. and that is how I made all these designs. It took a very long time.

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Hope you liked my intractable. thanks for reading.

-Josiah Miller

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