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Introduction: Distressed Tool Tote

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I had recently found an old tool tote that was in pretty rough shape. It was very dirty, but still in solid condition. I would not use this to carry tools around, so I decided to spruce it up and give it a distressed look. The basic items that you will need for this project are:

-Something to wipe the debris out (I chose an old t-shirt and an air compressor)

-Sander with 120 grit sand paper

-Dark spray paint for the base

-Lighter color spray paint for the main layer

-Clear coat spray paint

Step 1: Prep Work!

What will really destroy this project is an incomplete prep job. I grabbed my random orbital sander and got to work making sawdust. I started out using the sander with 120 grit paper. After the outside surface was completed I grabbed some paper, folded into a 3 sections, and sanded all the inside parts that I was unable to reach with the sander.

Step 2: Base Paint

After all the fun with sanding is done, give it a once over cleaning all the dust off. Now it is time to start moving on this fun project. Grab your dark spray paint ( I chose brown) and spray your first coat of this color on your project. Let it dry for the recommended time on the can and add an additional 2 coats to build up a good layer of this color.

Step 3: On to the Lighter Color

With 3 coats of your darker paint applied and it all dried, repeat that same process, but only do 2 layers of paint.

Step 4: Waiting Never Hurt!

Now that the paint has been applied, let it sit and cure for about 24 hours. This will ensure that the paint is completely dry and your finished project won't get ruined. After this time period is over it is time to start distressing the project! So what is distressing anyway? Plain and simple, making a new paint job look worn. When distressing the project think about where you would grab, rest your feet, or where things would wear out the paint. For the tool tote I distressed the edges slightly, around the handle fairly heavy because that is where you grab and carry this item. I also distressed the bottom of each little storage space for this is where items were placed.

Step 5: Finish It Up!

Now we are on to the final step. To protect all this paint job we just worked on, choose a good clear finish to seal everything up. Go over this with a minimum of 3 coats.

Step 6: Admire Your Work

Everything is finished!

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    3 years ago

    That's pretty! I love the shabby chic look :)