Introduction: Divine Reign the First Real Mobile RTS

We are Markus Young, born 4/5/85, and Ian Baum, born 11/3/83

Our dream is to create Divine Reign, a mobile RTS game.
First, a bit about ourselves. We are an artist and developer team that has assembled others talented in these fields to help us in making one of the first real, enjoyable mobile real time strategy games around. Our team has, combined, over a century of experience in their given fields. We are a group of driven individuals who are excited about motivated to make Divine Reign.

In the Divine Reign world, you will be introduced to a man who has been broken by slave masters, but the Elemental Races that have enslaved humanity have gone too far this time. You must flee your captors with a troupe of men determined to return for those you left behind. In a twist of fate you will discovers a way to free not just your kin but all of man kind.

With hours of compelling game play and the most enticing story on the mobile platform. Take control of your hero and battle the Elemental Races for the chance to be truly free. With hundreds of different armor sets to customize your hero and seven full campaigns. Can you reign divine?

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Instructables and Jack Daniels for you consideration. 

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