Introduction: Diy Bandana Mask

Here is a diy bandana mask for Covid-19. This mask is easy to make and you can find any of the supplies lying around your house. Since everyone is supposed to be wearing mask during this time, not everyone has access to buying some or they may not have any. I wanted to make this so it can help people who need one that protects you and cost nothing.


- Any color bandana
- 2 large and stretchy hair ties or rubber bands
- Needle and thread (any color)
- circle tracer (big)
- Scissors
- Piece of felt (any color)
- Dark marker for tracing

Step 1: Cutting the Felt

First, grab your piece of felt and lay it down flat. Then find a big circle object and trace it around to make a circle on the felt. Cut around the circle and your left with the cut out felt.

Step 2: Sewing the Felt

Now that you have the felt in the shape of a circle, grab your needle and thread. On the middle ends of the circle, pinch the sides to create a dense in the middle of felt and start to sew until its dense enough.

Step 3: Folding the Bandana

Now, grab your bandana and flatten it on a flat surface. Now take the felt and place it in the middle. Take the two pieces of bandana and fold them into the middle to cover the felt until it reaches the middle of it.

Step 4: Sewing the Bandana

Now take your needle and thread and start sewing the folded pieces together. Start at where the felt starts and ends so that you still have the bandana that isn’t sewed on the sides.

Step 5: Tying the Bandana

Now that the middle is sealed, take two large stretchy rubber bands or hair ties to tie the leftover bandana on the sides. Tie it around close to the felt so that there are flaps at the ends. When tying it make sure its tight but also leave some of the hair tie out so that it can go over your ears.

Step 6: Flatten Leftover Bandana

Since you are left with the flaps on the ends of the mask, take both of the flaps and fold it down into the felt. Open up the flaps slightly and push it while flattening it down in the shape of the felt and one should overlap the other one.

Step 7: Sewing the Top Half.

Since the flaps can still come up, take you needle and thread to sew it together. Take the top half of the flap and sew it with the bandana covering the felt, until you reached the end of the felt.

Step 8: Finalizing the Mask

Now its time to sew the bottom half of the bandana to seal it completely. Turn the mask upside down so that the bottom half is now at the top. Start sewing using the same method for the top half by sewing the leftover flap and the bandana around the felt. Now you can wear the mask and put the hair ties behind your ears!