Introduction: Diy Bike Gear Medal

This instructable shows you how to make a diy bike gear medal.

Step 1: Gears

To get the gears just ask around at your local bike shop to see if they have disused gears you can have.

Step 2: Cleaning

You then need to clean them. You first need to let them soak over night in a cleaning solution like simply green.

Step 3: Cleaning Part 2

Then you need to empty the tub of cleaning solution. Then use scrubbing brushes and more cleaning solution to get the rest of the grease of. I suggest recruiting your friends and family to help of this will take a long time.

Step 4: Creation

To construct the medals just set the medals in the position you would like then use superglue and let them rest for a while.

Step 5: Ribbons

Next you need to tie on the ribbons and name tags and you are done! Enjoy your custom made bike medals.

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