Introduction: Diy Cute Jumping Robot Sparrow

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I have made this cute Jumping Robot Sparrow and it will steal your heart away with its cute looks so let's see how to make this cuite. If you loved this project do hit that vote button to make me win the toys contest.

Step 1: Take Two Cold Drink Bottle Caps

Take two cold drink bottle caps and make holes of about 5mm exactly at the center of caps.

Step 2: Fix Both Caps on the TT Geared Motor

Take one geared TT motors and fix both the caps as shown in the picture by holes made previously and keeping the equal spacing hot glue both with the shaft of the motor.

Step 3: Stick Rubber Strip on the Half Part of Wheels

Take a rubber tape or cut rubber from a bicycle tube and stick it on the half part of the wheels. Stick the tape with the super glue that it does not come off. Make two layers of that tape one on another.

Step 4: Take a Bicycle Spoke and Bend It As Shown in Picture

Take one bicycle spoke and bent it as shown in the picture and take two plastic tube pieces and slide it over the bent spoke making sure that both of the tubes can slide smoothly over the spoke length. This tubes can be easily made out of the ball pen refills or inner colored tubes.

Step 5: Hot Glue the Assembly on TT Motor

Hot glue the spoke assembly on the motor. Tubes are to be glued and not the spoke making sure that it has a slant angle which you will understand in a while in the next step. The entire TT motor once glued will be able to slide on kind of rails made up of cycle spoke which seems to be of U-shaped.

Step 6: Take Two Wooden Strips and Make Holes

Take two wooden strips and make two holes as shown in the picture above. Make it sure to make it at a slant that our spoke assembly will rest on it making the feet of the sparrow.

Step 7: How the Assembly Looks Like

How the assembly looks like once it is fixed on the wooden legs of sparrow.

Step 8: Wiring Up Motor Adding a Jumping Rubber and Battery

The battery is added by sticking or hot gluing at the belly part of a sparrow. Wiring is made and the switch is added. A rubber band is strapped as shown in the picture.

Step 9: Draw the Templet of the Sparrow.

A figurine is made out of cardboard single layered or you can even use balsa wood for that reason. Take the cutout of the eye portion, keep that round part as we will use that round eye part cut out as well. Make two figurines of the sparrow one for each lateral sides.

Step 10: Color It and Hot Glue Both Sides

Color it and hot glue the sparrow on both sides to Sparrow mechanism. Eyes are painted white which are glued on the wheels.

Step 11: Our Sparrow Is Now Looking Too Cute...

See how does our cute sparrow looks once completed.

Step 12: Sparrow Jumping in Action

Flick the switch and see this lil cutie jumping around you, will melt your heart. Watch the video to see this cute robot sparrow in action. All the steps mentioned above are also filmed in the video if you are not able to understand any one of the steps. I hope you loved reading this instructable and If you have enjoyed please do not forget to give this article a heart.

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