Diy Finger Crotchet

Introduction: Diy Finger Crotchet

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This tutorial will show you how to make great things from your fingertips!

Step 1: Slip Knot

Make a slip knot, (look it up if you don't know how to do it)

Step 2: Cast On

To cast on, you need to put your fingers through the slip knot, and then grab the working yarn and pull it through

Step 3: Keep Going

Keep doing that until you have your desired length, when you do, add two extra

Step 4: Then Skip

Then skip the two extra rows you made and stick your finger in the loop hole.

Step 5: Pull and Catch

Pull the working yarn over your finger. Then catch it and pull it through

Step 6: Close It Up

Then stick your thumb through and pinch the working yarn and pull it through.

Step 7: Keep on Keeping On

Keep doing this until you each the end!

Step 8: Cast Off

To cast off just simply go to the end on a row, and then cut the string and put it through the hole and pull it tight

Step 9: Finish

To finish, just sew it how you want it to. ENJOY!!!!!!! Vote and thanks for reading

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