Introduction: Diy Glowing Wooden Clock

This time i tried to make a glowing wooden clock with used wooden piece .i tried to combine wood ,aluminium sheet & epoxy resin .If you like please comment & subscribe . Feel free to ask any question or suggestion .

Material Aluminium sheet, wooden piece, Epoxy resin ,glow powder, clock, blue pigment, golden color, wooden french polish ,

Step 1: Making of Clock Base

I took old piece of wood from my store room then mark on wood like required shape . Cut the wood into two pieces. Now i burnt the piece of wood on low flame .High flame will damage the wooden piece. After that rub the wood with soft brush ,extra burnt area should be removed. For design on wood i used soldering iron .Mark design on wooden piece.

Step 2: Epoxy Resin & Glow Powder

Place both pieces on table &use tape to join them ,extra paper tape 'll use for secure the resin . Take epoxy resin & hardener, mix them well on low speed .For glow i used glow powder in epoxy,mix & pour it in gap on clock .Let it dry in one day for better result . Now i put few metal leaves in gap then again prepared epoxy resin with blue pigment . Pour it in gap ,fill the epoxy on edges ..Let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 3: Polishing on Wood

For fixing machine drill hole in center. Now use french polish on wooden piece. I applied many layers for shine.Then i took aluminium sheet ,mark design on it with tools like i did. Paste the sheet on clock.

Step 4: Final Touch

After pasting the sheet i used golden color on all embossed part .Now its time to fixed the numbers & needles.

Step 5: Finished Look

It is ready for the decoration .I hang it in my bedroom .Its look so good & easy to look time in night .Glow in the dark looks so beautiful ,feel free to ask any question or suggestion in comment box .If you like it press thumbs up button .

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