Introduction: Diy Homemade Card

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This card will help you out when you are in the last minute situation. It can be used for a birthday, promotion, invitation and many many more

Step 1: Starting Off:

All u need is:
Coloured sheets
Stapler Sharpies Any other decor etc.studs

Step 2: Starting Off:

Take a sheet and turn it into half.

Step 3: Borders

Take another sheet and cut out 4 strips of 1cm each.
Now paste it using a glue
There we go

Step 4: Bow:

Now take 1/4 of another sheet and fold it in a zig zag manner.

Step 5: Almost Done:

Place your fingers on the middle and staple it up.
Make sure you staple it in a vertical manner

Step 6: Lastly:

Now take hold of the ends of the bow and staple thwm together. It should look more like a rainbow.
Now use super glue to stick the rainbow in place of your card base.
I also used my diy pom poms. If you wannalearn how i made them catch up later more .

Step 7: