Diy Laser Burner Module From Old DvD'wr.




Introduction: Diy Laser Burner Module From Old DvD'wr.

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This tutorial is about how i make my own laser diode from old dvd writer. I need such a laser burner module for my cnc engraver project such type of modules are very expensive on many websites. so i decided to make my own.

Step 1: Lets Assemble Lens

  • First insert the plano convex lens from an old laser pointer in to the aluminium tube in my case both fit well
  • than place the paper spacer to insert the another lens (spacer ring having width of 7 mm and length of 3 round)
  • then put the another convex lens to the spacer ring

Step 2: The Component

  • components I needed is a dvd driver in my case it is samsung
  • and a heat sink from a old motherboard
  • a old laser pointer (lens)
  • a super glue

Step 3: The Key Component

The key component of this project is this laser diode from old dvd writer lens module

Step 4: Putting All to Gether

  • Now glue the laser diode on the heat sink as you can see in the first image
  • now apply the glue and then glue the lens tube now its done
  • i also soldered three wires to the diode

Step 5: Lets Test It Out

  • now power it up with with 3.3v @400mA
  • there are two laser diodes in in one for burning and on for reading we only need to power up the burner
  • wear some safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  • and it is quite powerful
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    3 years ago

    Great idea...
    i'd like to know more abut the THEORICAL side of it... for example:
    - where did you find the convex lenses?
    - How to find the distance between of them?
    - the convex parts faces inside or outside?
    - what is the optimal distance from the "tube" to the laser diode?
    - how to know wich diode in the module is the one for burn or write?