Introduction: Diy Mini Captain America Shield

Step 1: Supplies

-1 Empty aluminium can

-1 Wide elastic band

-1 sheet of paper

-1 glue stick

Step 2: Tools


-Hot glue gun (Optional)

-Rotary tool with sanding wheel or a metal file or sandpaper (You only need one of these)


-A printer

-A computer or cellphone that can send files to the printer

Step 3: Step 1: the Aluminium Body

-Using a Rotary tool and cut off wheel or maybe some tin snips cut off the rounded part of the can bottom.

-Next cut 8 slits about 2-3 mm in length.

-Using pliers fold down 6 of the flaps leaving up two that are across from each other.

Step 4: Step 2: Add the Elastic Band

-Cut a piece of wide elastic band about 5 cm in length.

-Place one end of the elastic into one of the open flaps and fold the flap down over the elastic using a pair of pliers.

-Place the other end of the elastic into the other flap and fold down the flap over the elastic.

Step 5: Step 3: Add the Design

-Print off the picture of the shield found above. (the design should be 4.5 cm in diameter)

-Cut out the design.

-Hold the piece of paper up to some light and mark the corners. (as shown in picture)

-Connect each of the inside marks to the opposite outside mark. (as shown in picture)

-Cut along each line leaving a small amount of space in the middle so that it doesn't fall apart.

-Cover the outside of the aluminium shield in glue and place the paper design onto it making sure that the design is centered.

-Push down the edges and adjust the wedges so that the wedges are evenly spaced out with zero space in between.

-(Optional) Put a small ring of hot glue around the edge of the design to hold it down and make sure it does not come off.

Step 6: You Are Done!!!!!

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