D.i.y Magic Kit! ( 3 Tricks)

Introduction: D.i.y Magic Kit! ( 3 Tricks)

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it's splitthebanana! This is magic for beginners! This is also my first instructable! You will have fun doing these magic tricks! they are pretty simple though so don't be expecting to much! :)


1. two unmatching socks

2. a needle

3. thread.

4. An empty cereal box

5. a quarter

6. a medium sized stuffed animal

7. scissors

8. A cape or trench coat

9. a cup or a bucket

10. a medium sized stuffed animal

11. a small pebble or coin.

Step 1: Optional: Magician Outfit!

This is a magician outfit to have extra enthusiasm get one! ( If you don't have a wand you can use a stick!) :)

Step 2: Transforming Footwear!

Let's get started with a good 'ol transforming trick why don't we? First get your two socks, thread and needle! Then take on of your socks and turn it inside out, and then gently put the inside out sock into the other sock so it matches up!

Step 3: SEW IT!

Now thread your needle! Sew the socks together at the top! and then tie a knot so it doesn't come undone. And now the trick is ready to be done! Now the next step will show you how to do the trick!

Step 4: How to Do It!

It's time to do the trick! first Walk out and say "it is I... the great magician Splitthebannana!"( your name not mine.) and then put your socks on your hand then say "it is a ________ ( whatever color your sock is. Then spin around and while your spinning turn it inside out so the other sock is facing outwards. Say It is now a _______ (whatever color your other sock is) sock!

Step 5: It's Gone?

Get your cup, your pebble, your cape or trench coat, and your tiny plush!

Step 6: Hide It!

First stuff the cup with the plush! And then hide the cup under your cape! Now it's time to do it! hold your pubble out to the audience so they see it! and then spin around and while your spinning around put the pebble in the cup! and then put it away so they don't see anything!

Step 7: Money in to Play!

You will need your box, your other stuffed animal, your scissors, and your quarter! first cut a whole at the bodum of the box! put the plush into the box. But make sure the whole is still in sight!

Step 8: Do It!

First hold the box like the picture above. Make sure your audience see the quarter then drop it on to your hand that's covering the hole. and then pull out the plush! Ta da! Then take a BIG bow! and then put it away! Remember a great magician never reveals his/her secrets!

Step 9: The End!

This is my first instructable and I will have more! make sure to check 'em out! I'm splitthebanana!

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