Introduction: Diy Soap Paper!

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I do not recommend using this soap paper as an alternative for regular soap.

This idea is from the infamous youtube channel "Blossom", where content cannot be trusted for being real.

If you want REAL soap paper, buy it.

Anyway, it's fun, so lets get on with it!

Soap paper is paper that lathers up when wet.

To use it you have to wet your hands, then take a sheet of soap paper, and rub that around.

Don't wet the paper with a tap, that will wash away it's soapiness.


THICK liquid soap.

Thin paper.

Small bowl.




Step 1: Get Some Paper

Tear a sheet of paper into smaller, palm-sized rectangles.

Tearing the paper gives it jagged edges that help it absorb the soap.

Step 2: Drop It Into a Bowl of Liquid Soap

The thicker the soap, the better, as it as less water and dries faster, and is more powerful.

Fully submerge the paper into the soap for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Take It Out and Dry It

After the soap bath, the paper will become a bit translucent, and here you can see what was written on the paper.

Dry it in the sun.

Outside my house the sun was so hot that it took 15 minutes to dry, but normally it would take around half an hour.

Step 4: It's Ready!

I couldn't get a picture of the lather, but it does work.


This is a fun experiment, not a replacement for soap.

Idea stolen from unreliable sources.