Diy Vase Room Decor With Plastic Bottle



Introduction: Diy Vase Room Decor With Plastic Bottle

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Hi Friends! In this video, I made a great vase for room decor with plastic bottles. It is really easy to do and very enjoyable.

Step 1: ​Materials:

plastic bottle,

curved knife (utility knife),

acrylic paints (black and gold),

spray varnish (optional),



Step 2: Clean:

Clean the top of the plastic bottle. The surface you will paint must be clean and dry.

Step 3: Paint:

Paint the plastic bottle with black acrylic paint. I used a sponge. But you can also paint with a brush. A softer image is created with the sponge.

Step 4: Cut:

Carefully cut the mouth of the plastic bottle. Be careful of your hand at this stage.

Step 5: Paint 2:

Paint the part of the plastic bottle you cut with black paint.

Step 6: Gradient:

Dye lightly with a golden paint and a sponge (after the black paint has dried) giving a gradient image. This painting step is up to your imagination. You can change it as you wish. When the paint dries, you can fix the paint using spray varnish. Using varnish is optional.

Step 7: Finish:

And ready 😍😍

Step 8: My Video:

You can see all steps and details on my video 😍

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